Sylvia Johnson


I am a seasoned Civil Celebrant and have presented over 1,000 weddings and hundreds of farewells throughout Melbourne and beyond
Recently I have moved to Trentham, which is close to Daylesford and Macedon and look forward to presenting ceremonies in this delightful region as well as across Melbourne. Weddings are 'events' be they large or small, traditional or somewhat outside the square, and with my past career in hospitality and festivals, I have a keen eye for detail and what should rightly happen, and to ensure every ceremony creates beautiful memories. All are presented with sincerity and warmth.

And of funerals - farewells.....understanding and kindness at a most difficult time to ensure the ceremony is a true reflection of a precious life.

My interests are food and wine, cooking and having enjoyable conversations over a good table; gardening and growing; my family that includes "Piccalo" one very spoilt  20yo Burmese Puss, and involvement in my community.

P.S.  I am modern in my style and attitude, have a good sense of humour and fun, and present through a pleasing voice.

My values

To be honest and kind to all creatures great and small.

Education & Accreditation

Through a multi-faceted life, I have a broad understanding of the world and its people.

People from all walks of life and cultures.

I am a life member of the Catering Institute of Australia, ACIA.

Contact me

0419 229 488
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