Kate Armon


I have been a celebrant for over twelve years.  Originally from the UK, I first settled in New Zealand where I worked as both a wedding and funeral celebrant. Over the years, however, I have felt the pull of just doing funeral and memorial services and working with families.

It wasn’t until I moved to the Gold Coast and met my husband Craig that I decided to finally make the move to work in this area full time and leave the wedding industry behind me.

Being a funeral celebrant is not just a job to me.  Every family I meet and work with have an incredibly special place in my heart, and every family has different needs and requirements from me.  It is a huge privilege to be trusted by families at such a vulnerable and difficult time as losing a loved one and it is a role I take very seriously.  I strive to do my very best with every family I work with.

It is my sincere hope that Craig and I bring compassion and love to our roles as Celebrants. My hubby is a joy to work with and I know that our individual talents and experience complement each other perfectly and bring something new to our work as Celebrants.

I am a member of Funeral Celebrants Association Australia as well as other Celebrant associations.

My Values

Family, honesty, empathy, integrity, respect, and sincerity are all important to me in my life and my work.

Education & Accreditation

Certificate IV in Celebrant Studies


Kate Armon