Jennifer Young


My name is Jennifer Young and I am a widow with three beautiful children and six beautiful grandchildren. I live in the lovely leafy suburb of Toowoomba called Highfields.

During my working life I enjoyed liaising with people from all walks of life and regard myself to be  fun-loving, happy, devoted and sincere person.

I became a celebrant as I believe it is a very happy experience for myself to work in such an industry.  I have the opportunity to devote my time to my clients with regard to their special day by creating for them beautiful, professional, meaningful and unique ceremonies by honouring their wishes, love and connections.


My Values

I believe in living a good life where love, kindness,  affection, compassion and humour are very important.

I have always instilled core values in my children like respect, positivity, open-minedness, commitment, reliability and honesty.

In the workplace particularly the core values of service, loyalty, dependability, motivation and consistency, I believe are vital to achieving your life goals. I have always strived to be a passionate high achiever.

In my personal life courage and perseverance have played a huge role.


Education & Accreditation

I left Moree High School in 1973 after attaining my School Certificate.

I attended the local TAFE College and studied many courses.

I then worked in the banking industry for a number of years.

Whilst bringing up my children I worked for the Roads and Traffic Authority of NSW as a driving examiner. I received many accreditations whilst in their employ.

In 2018 I attained my Cert IV in Celebrancy with Rose Training Australia.

Jennifer Young