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  • SA Yorke Peninsula
  • SA Regency Park
  • SA Clare Valley
  • SA Barossa
  • SA Adelaide Hills
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Recent reviews
Krystin Kirk
We knew Gerrelyn was a great fit with us and our needs when we first met as she had a quirky fun side that we both do and we wanted to play on that for our wedding. we had a relaxed and entertaining ceremony which is exactly what we wanted and Gerrelyn was able to deliver that to us. Everyone enjoyed our wedding as it was different and just like us. Thank you Gerrelyn
Seve & Judy Hughes
When we were looking through the myriad of marriage celebrants available online we happened to stumble across Gerrelyn. We wanted someone young, fun and vibrant but also professional and easy to deal with. After speaking with Gerrelyn we quickly realised she's all that and more and we wanted her to officiate our special day. There's actually a lot of paperwork and planning before you get married so Gerrelyn guided us through the process and was always available when we had questions. She was very meticulous in her planning and offered some great advice on some of the finer details we hadn't thought of. We didn't have time for a rehearsal but Gerrelyn had previously run through everything with us so we felt confident. She arrived early on the day to make sure everyone participating in the ceremony knew what to do and when to do it. The ceremony ran smoothly from start to finish and we couldn't have been happier. From our experience we would highly recommend Gerrelyn to anyone as she is fantastic. You won't be disappointed.
Robert & Natalie Kronitis
On very short notice Natalie and I, after 17 years of lots of ups, some downs, then more ups again - all that and a son thrown in too - it was time to get all serious and stuff - let's get married.  On top of that, let's make it a surprise wedding at her birthday, less than six weeks away.  Should be simple, right?  Steep downhill-like learning curve, akin to hopping on a bobsled and saying 'what the hell, how hard can this be?' So there we were, three of us careening down the curves of ice, screaming for help, when in drops Gerrelyn and takes control of the steering, taking us to a gold ring finish. Okay, a little carried away but still accurate.  Here's the more detailed version.  We basically googled wedding celebrants and ran with it from there, in the end calling about 6-8 celebrants (I kept notes and have the names somewhere).  All of them seemed to get the idea of what we wanted, in our idea of a surprise wedding, but overall we had the impression of dealing with car salespeople.  All were professional and friendly, but pushy, wanting to lock us down right there and then, on the phone, and all seemed to press hard on the subject of cost.  With all we also discussed and asked for advice on doing it all ourselves - i.e., chasing up the certificate ourselves, and supplying it to the celebrant.  Each one acted as if this was some taboo, impossible for us to do, something that can only be done by them, due to their knowledge of mystic wedding arts, etc.  By this time we had picked out a favourite and were just going to bite the bullet with that one, see what happens - time was of the essence and all that.  We had seen Gerrelyn and considered her but figured with the quality of her ad and her cited awards, she might not be too professional for us.  On a whim we called and it was the best thing we did.   As it turns out, she is exactly that - truly professional.  By the time our wedding had been and gone we were wondering how it was she only placed third in some past ABIA award.   From the first phone call to her, it was clear that she didn't 'seem to get...' - she fully understood and was very apparently keen to participate.  It was like calling a friend and her saying, 'let's do it!'.  Even the same when discussed the 'do it yourself ' we were considering.  She didn't discourage the idea, just patiently went through the pros and cons and offered to do whatever necessary to help.  It was only after the fun phone call that we realised she only mentioned price once and the price was one of the best quotes we got.   After confirming her as our celebrant, the meetings began and she was exactly who she was on the phone - professional, fun, vibrant, intelligent, keen.  She immediately understood what we wanted, how we wanted to do it and the surprise aspect of it all.  After that, we kept it simple.  When it became apparent to her we probably were keeping things a little too simple, she became our steady keel - friendly and fun but no messing around when it came to the fine details - Gerrelyn is very details orientated - triple checks everything, leaving us confident that everything was going to go right on the day.  And that it did.  Gerrelyn played her part, literally, blending into the crowd and playing her part as a long time friend, throwing off anyone who thought they could sense a wedding in the air, not the ordinary birthday we were presenting it all as.  She even took the time to throw in some disguise for the paperwork (her own initiative) and brought along her husband, Jason, to help out.  Although we didn't use his service, we know Jason also runs a wedding photography business and we couldn't help but notice the two work together like a well oiled machine, with Jason doing some discreet setting up of PA equipment right in the middle of the room without anyone actually noticing.  Normally that's something Gerrelyn would do on her own, but to make things work for us, she brought Jason in on it, no cost, just to make sure our ruse remained intact on the day and he was just as keen to play his role (hell of a couple those two).  Once the ceremony started, it felt like her role was no longer a role and she was in fact a dear longtime friend who just happened to be in the room and able to conduct our wedding ceremony.  She said some beautiful words of her own too, off script (she had it all set down), to seal the vows between Natalie and me.  For two fairly casual people we did stress over some aspects of the wedding (weather, food, etc), but one thing we never once had any concern over was Gerrelyn and the work she was doing for us - it never once came up - we just knew that as far as celebrant side of things was concerned, there was nothing to be concerned about.  If your looking for the perfect celebrant, you just found her.