Cazna McCallum


Please call me Caz! If you are looking for an informal, fun wedding in Northern NSW or on the Gold Coast, then please ring me (0438220209). I've been married almost 50 years and I'm still learning! Fortunately, for my husband, after retiring and moving to our farm in the Northern Rivers area, I decided to train as a celebrant. I say "fortunately" because my husband was "always there and underfoot"! Now he's my roadie, helping with the sound equipment. Each time I meet a happy couple in love and ready to marry, it's fun to get caught up in their excitement and visit new places they choose for the ceremony. It's my experience that good communication and a well prepared ceremony that reflects the couple's preferences is the key to an easy, happy and stress free wedding day. For all my couples to remember me with fondness and a smile, is my goal.


My Values

Honesty, integrity, willingness to listen closely and a genuinely caring commitment to providing the best service I can for all my clients are what I stand for. My positive outlook, attention to detail, sense of humour and flexibility will always assist that process. My most important goal is to make the wedding ceremony for each couple a fun, stress free experience that they, and their guests, will remember with special fondness.

Education & Accreditation

CHC42608 Certificate IV in Celebrancy

Registered Civil Celebrant with Attorney General's Department 3 July 2017

Member of the Australian Federation of Civil Celebrants

Other qualifications: M.Ag., B.A., Dip.Ed., Cert IV Work Health and Safety


Cazna McCallum