Ben Cooper


Every wedding I perform is special to me. Every couple I meet is different and beautiful in their own way. Officiating ceremonies is an extremely important responsibility. I'm always professional and well presented for every wedding I do. There is only one thing that I ask of my brides and grooms to-be... HAVE FUN! You've spent all this time planning and you've passed your credit card over the counter more times than you could've possibly imagined. Your ceremony is the first chance you get to really enjoy each others company as you start a lifetime journey together. Smile, Laugh, Love. Let me do the rest.

My Values

FUN! FUN! FUN! (very important)

I'm here to help you celebrate your love for each other, the commitment you're making to each other and the journey you're embarking on. This day should reflect this. It should be FUN! Heaps of Fun! It's ok, in fact, it's encouraged that you laugh, smile and enjoy every moment of your ceremony. I will help you do just that.

PA SYSTEM (reliable, clear, awesome)

Everyone in the room should be able to not only see but also hear your ceremony take place. And hear it they shall! That's why I don't skimp on my PA system. I have a state of the art BOSE system that would put a sentient robot to shame... well, not really. But it's GOOD! Really Good! You'll never hear Great Aunt Beryl screaming out "What'd he say?!" at any point in your ceremony.

PASSION (this job is a pleasure)

There's nothing worse than getting married by someone who is just 'going through the motions' and doesn't have a drive or passion for the role you've bestowed upon them.  I have a great deal of respect for your day and will do everything in my power to make sure you love every minute of it.

TAILORED TO YOU (a whole lot of you!!!)

There's one thing I believe everyone wants from their wedding... They want it to feel special. Really special! Something that is different and unique to you. Your family and friends should walk away thinking 'that was so... them!'. I will work with you to tailor your wedding so it is just that, yours!

SAME SEX WEDDINGS (absolutely!)

I'd vote YES every day of the week. It was such a breath of fresh air when Australia made history and allowed same sex couples to wed. It's my pleasure and privilege to celebrate the love of all people. The very first wedding I officiated was a same sex couple.  I will be the perfect celebrant for your special day.

Education & Accreditation

Certificate IV in Celebrancy

Ben Cooper