Anna Staines


| "A down-to-earth Celebrant - no 'foot in the grave', nor blue rinse perm - who doesn't do bogan or circus... but is totally up for Real | Relaxed | Professional | Fun.

With Anna at your side, there are no awkward/stiff moments, people love your ceremony - rather than endure it, and you are guaranteed a beautiful, one-off experience to treasure for the rest of your days.  In short, her point of difference is... HER - she's just a natural!"

Awww shucks...  but the above testimonial pretty much nailed, me.

Basically, I've lived too much 'life' to care for rules, pomp and circumstance.  With that said, I am acutely aware that the kind of moments people involve me in (Weddings, Bereavements, Baby Namings, Renewal of Vows,  etc) are one-offs... never to occur again... so every inch of my being, my experience and my personality goes in to making that moment count... and having a damn, good time as we do it.

Like what you hear?  Well - BOOM - let's do this!

Anna xx

My Values

| REAL |  No matter the size of our bank account or the 'deets' on our business card... we all wake of a morning with bad hair and - most likely - morning breath(!).  So I say... let's just be real.

| RELAXED | This goes hand in hand with 'real'.  Life is trending to be more fluid and flexible... and I am more than happy - and competent - in running with 'it'.  You just turn up; the rest is on my shoulders... is my responsibility.

You have to know the rules to break the rules... and that includes business practice, social conduct and legal compliance.  Never, ever will I compromise my professional responsibilities or standing... I've worked too hard to gain them.

| FUN | Fun is... fun! And it is fun for a reason; we 'feel' when having fun... we relax... and creating 'fun' seems to comes naturally to me... no effort... no forcing... it just spills forth!

Education & Accreditation

"This gal's got some cred {sic: credentials}..."

Authorised Celebrant: Since 19 November, 2008
Mum: Since 08 March, 2013 (Floyd or 'Nugget')
Wife: Since 05 August, 2006 ('Davey')
Academics: Bachelor of Business - Public Relations (blah, blah, blah)

Previous Career:
Sandstone Point Hotel ~ Functions
Qantas ~ Customer Relations
University of Santa Barbara, California ~ Overseas Relations/Marketing
ABC Radio & TV ~ Publicity

Anna Staines