About the AFCC

The Australian Federation of Civil Celebrants operates as a not for profit organisation, with opportunities being created for members through resources, education, benefits and savings.

The AFCC is a national organisation with Celebrant members in each state and territory who perform a range of ceremonies for life celebrations.

Meet the AFCC National Committee

The association is managed by 10 volunteer National Committee members who run the daily activities of the association. Each National Committee member is responsible for a portfolio and manages its projects and programs throughout the membership year.

Anthony Burke

President, Professional Relationships & Website Manager


Irene Harrington

Vice President, Celebrations Editor & Funerals Manager

Vicepresident@afcc.com.au Celebrations@afcc.com.au Funerals@afcc.com.au

Stacey Maguire

Secretary and Communications Manager

Secretary@afcc.com.au Communications@afcc.com.au

Susan Cade

Treasurer & Website Assistant

Treasurer@afcc.com.au Website@afcc.com.au

Alison Burrell

State Liaison Manager


Julie Chesson

Marketing Manager


Rhonda McIver

Membership Manager


Gillian Potter

Education Manager


Kathy Pynsent

OPD Manager


Brian Richardson

Governance Manager

Governance@afcc.com.au Forum@afcc.com.au